Members Lockdown Projects

Many of our members have been beavering away producing some great projects in their workshops. Several have sent me some images, showing what they have produced. I’ve collected a few together, to hopefully give you some inspiration in your own workshops.

Turned cats

Norma has been very busy in her workshop producing the pieces shown in the image.  The turned stylised cats look wonderful in a  group, especially with different heights and styles.  The collection also includes mushrooms and a great carve handbag.  Multi skills definitely being developed here.

Alex has been extremely busy, producing many projects as seen below. I think the bird box fronts are excellent, there’s a lot of scope for new ideas there. Alex has an extensive array of carvings, he’s always developing new ideas. I have noticed a bit of turned work is creeping in these days. I won’t tell Alex.

Wolf man

Wolf man
Wolf man carving

Carved Bird Box

Carved bird box

Carved Bird Box

Carved Bird Box

Turned and Carved Owl Bowl

Turned and carved Owl Bowl

Caught by the tail

Eric has also been busy with several projects, including turning a set of Ash bowls for his family in Australia.  Turning a bowl is one thing but turning a set to match, takes a lot more skill.  The salt and pepper set looks good as well,  Eric has been continually turning throughout the lock down, including platters, kitchen ware and turn tables.

Salt and Pepper Mills

Turned Salt and Pepper mills

Turned Ash Bowl Set

John Gregory’s collection.

Turned collection.

John Gregory collection

John tells me that he has been busy during his lockdown imprisonment.  As you can see opposite.  The large bowl has been turned out of Elm burr, it was part turned in the club and has just dried out to be finished.  The darker bowl has been turned out of Laburnum, with a natural edge. The third bowl complements the set.  John has also completed a nice set of pens.  The set includes a Cocobolo fountain pen-note Martin(wood) 🙂

Martins shop

Martin hatched a plan during lockdown, to remove the chocolate from Easter eggs and replace it with Beech turned versions.  He collected his partners in crime, Barry and Hugh to start the production line.  The wooden eggs were then re wrapped in foil ready to be sent out as Easter gifts.  Note, there has been no mention re what happened to the chocolate!!

The production run the developed into walking sticks, chocolate, calories, weight increase?????

Turned Egg

Egg Cups

Walking stick