Members testimonials

So over the years of being a club member, I have witnessed members come & go. But if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed much over the years is the reason why they wanted to join us in the first place. Now let’s be honest, we are in the club much for the same reason & that is to learn a new skill. However, we would be daft to think that would be the only thing to come out of joining the club. Now I know, speaking from my experience; although I learnt a new skill being a woodturner has taught me so many things about myself I didn’t know. However, if being a woodturner has taught me anything is patience. Which is something I didn’t have much of to start with. I will also include other members’ quotes & comments below.

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“Its the joke’s & the windups, & getting different tips from all the members.”


” I agree with Keith. It’s the support from the membership & the camaraderie… oh, & the shortbread.”


“As a new member, I find that the members are very friendly & extremely helpful some with a wealth of knowledge that they are very willing to share & as Keith says joking & winding one another up they are a great bunch of people & I am very pleased to have found this great club to be a member.”


” I first joined the club a complete novice & found everyone so friendly & helpful. I am so grateful for the skills I have learnt both in turning & carving…also the yummy shortbread.”


” Brilliant club administered by a great bunch. Since I joined the members have always been so welcoming & helpful. Really appreciate everyone & the support provided. Love the cake & shortbread that seems to appear out of nowhere.”


“Great club, lots of friendly faces, knowledgeable, helpful, people always willing to impart their knowledge. Great Banter, good fun… & then there’s Martin.”


“I agree with the previous comments, to see how things are produced is a good way to learn.”