Annual meeting information. All updated meeting information is listed below the calendar.


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Please let me know if there are any activities or projects that you would like to see demonstrated on a club night so that it can be arranged.


Thursday the 19th of September. Club meeting.

Peter Morgan turning a toad stool.

Thursday the 3rd of October. Club meeting.

Peter Morgan turning an egg.

Thursday the 17th of October. Club meeting.

Woodart’s Auction.

Peter Morgan, Spindle turning.

Thursday the 31st of October. Club meeting.

Peter Morgan, insight into open segmented turning.

Turned Snowmen to be handed in for Castle Park.

Saturday the 9th of November.  Two events taking place:-

Tracy Owens training day. 

Alex Garfield’s stylised Owl carving course.

Thursday the 14th of November. Club meeting.

Whale carving exercise completion.

Thursday the 28th of November. Club meeting.

Thursday the 12th of December. Club meeting.

Thursday the 26th of December. Club meeting.


Thursday the 9th of January. Club meeting.

Thursday the 23rd of January. Club meeting.