Charity Of 2023(Update)


So as many of you know, our chosen charity this year was Down Syndrome Cheshire. Well, they received our work. So I thought I would give you an update.


Charity Of 2023

So at this time of the year, the woodturning club decides what charity they’re going to represent to produce work for & raffle off or give to them to raffle off. So we finally decided that the charity of 2023 that was nominated is Down Syndrome Cheshire. We welcomed Rebecca from the charity at our last meeting to see our work & had a tour of our club.

Karens Chosen Charity (Warrington & Halton Hospitals)

Over the last few weeks, we have been working to provide charities with work that they can sell to supplement their funds. We have already covered one charity. However, the other charity we didn’t manage to cover because it ran over was Karen’s. Although many of us donated items to the chosen charity, we spent a club night turning things for both charities. Therefore, the Warrington & Halton Hospitals, which is the chosen charity by Karen, the items made are to be sold at a tabletop sale at a craft fair or similar. However, this won’t be until autumn this year to maximise funds.