Bowl turning induction and Owl relief Carving class day

We decided to combine a Bowl turning induction day and a Carving a carving class who were completing a relief carving of an Owl.

Alex was guiding his group the carving task at one end of the room and as you can see, concentration was high. It could be due to Alex’s eagle eye.

All seemed to be enjoying the class as the Owls were slowly emerging.

On the other side of the room ten new turners were going through a bowl turning induction exercise with Pete Debbie and Alan. The day was planned to give each member a step by step approach with turning a bowl.

All said that they enjoyed the day and each produced an Elm bowl. We could have done with a little more time to complete the exercise as there was a lot of information to take in. We will continue completing the bowls on future club nights.

A great day, thanks to Alex, Pete and Debbie