Tracy Owens End Grain turning, training day.

Tracy held a further excellent Woodart training at the club on Saturday 1st of September. We had twelve members attending the course, all were looking forward to a days tuition on end grain turning techniques to produce a natural edge vase.       The session started with a demonstration of how to prepare the the blank for the vase and how to allow enough bark to leave a natural edge.

Blank preparation

During the blank preparation, a good explanation was given on the importance of a properly produced chuck hold that will allow the chuck jaw face to support the work and to leave a good tenon for the gripper jaws to hold the work.

During the session explanations and demonstrations were given with end grain hollowing techniques using several different tools.  It was good to see all the varied designes coming to life. Tracy and Peter helped to support each member with lots of help and advice throughout the session.

All our members produced a great end grain vase, judging by the smiles on their faces, all enjoyed the day.

These sessions have helped many of our members to develope their skills over the years. Many thanks to Tracy and Peter.