Helsby Scouts woodturning and wood carving event


Woodartworkshops members decided to run a Woodturning and Carving event for the Helsby Scout group on the 19th of November 2018 .  A lot of thought was given to the projects we could offer in the evenings time scale.  Our members came up with, turning a pen and carving a branch flower.  We also decided to have a Woodturning demonstration running together with a Woodturning hands on experience.  The main concern we had was, would they enjoy the event. With safety checks completed, turners and carvers briefed, the group arrived:-

Our Chairman Hugh gave the Scouts a talk to explain what was going to happen and made sure they understood what projects were going to be completed.


Our worries about, would the session be enjoyed was completely unfounded, the whole group sprang into action very quickly. The first session started was pen turning, which was completed on the lathes. When the turning and sanding process was completed, the finish was applied to the pens.  The enthusiasm shown was fantastic.

While the Pen turning was going ahead one group were watching a demonstration and a hands on session. Several items were turned during the demonstration to show what shapes could be achieved on the lathe.  Several projects were completed during the session.  The hands on session was also running where several of the Scouts could try different tools to gain a feel for Woodturning.  It was a pity we didn’t have enough time to let each one have a go.

Scouts woodturning demonstration



Another group were trying their hand at carving. Geoff brought in several pieces of branch wood which the Scouts paired down to produce an attractive flower head to take home.  Again there was great interest and all listened and achieved a great result.

Scouts carving a flower head

Nearing the end of the evening they eagerly assembled the pens that they had produced.  The standard of the finish pens was high and you could feel the sense of achievement.

Scouts wood carvingThe session proved to be a great success, looking around the room a smile could be see on every face, which made everything worthwhile. We just hope that we have sown a seed of interest in Woodturning and Carving as these skills are slowly being lost. The Helsby Scout group are welcome at our club at any time and we thank you for your enthusiasm.