Geoff Williams and Brian Gormans club display

Geoff and Brian created a wonderful display of their carved work for our members on the 7th of February 2019.

The view below only gives a small view of the display, it would be impossible to do it justice.

The members were delighted with the display with lots of questions being fired at Geoff and Brian.

A few images below will help to show the extreemly high standard of work by theses two carvers.

Geoff’s Brief case

This is a small selection of Brians intricately carved spoons.

Brian and Geoff are not limited to to one particular area of carving, their scope is vast. A few more items of their display are show below but please view their full display in the Gallery section of our Web Site



An example of a carved shell using contrasting woods by Brian..

Ray fish, gliding through the water. Carved by Geoff.

These displays are a wonderful reveal of our members work,  we see individual pieces being worked on during a club sessions but never have a full picture of the fantastic collections our members have created.

These displays of your work are an inspiration to all of our members. We hope more of our members will get together soon to provide our members with another fantastic display.

Many thanks to both of you.