Surviving The Heat

So as we know, the hot weather is here & that not only does cause havoc with us as Turner’s but the materials & finishes that we will be using, now I don’t know about anyone else, but most of my finishes are wax based which can lead to a right mess, especially in this heat. However, over the years, I have learnt some tips & tricks on how to keep things moving in such hot weather; I will be covering things from split wood & how to rescue it to how to preserve your wax-based finishes because; let’s be honest the prices of materials & finishes have gone through the roof since COVID & since the economy took a massive hit from the pandemic.
Therefore, if you have blanks that have already been kiln-dried, you don’t need to be worried about wood splitting. However, if the wood you received was wet & you had to seal it, the chance of it splitting in this heat is higher. So you’re probably wondering how on earth you are supposed to utilise a piece of wood with a huge split in it; well, it’s pretty self-explanatory to get creative. As woodturners, we are taught to adapt to obstacles that can be thrown at us. So instead of turning a piece of wood that will be dangerous with a lump missing, fill it with whatever your heart screams for, whether it be resin, a wood wedge or a veneer block; what I am trying to say is this is your chance to take a negative into a positive get creative. However, to preserve your wax-based finishes, you can do 2 things just put them flat down in either the fridge or the freezer & harden them up.

Please Stay Hydrated!!