Wood Art hints and tips

These are just a couple of ideas to get this section going. Please let me have any Hints, Tips or project ideas that you would like published.

Woodturning Dust Extraction

We all experience problems with positioning the dust extraction hose near to the project being sanded. This simple suggestion is very effective. Attach a rare earth magnet to the open end of your extraction hose with a metal clip. The open end of the hose can now be attached to the lathe & close to the work being sanded. Rare earth magnets can be purchased from The Tool Centre or Axminster.
Dave Burton

Woodcarving Dust Extraction

When using high speed flexible carving machines for example the Foredom, high volumes of fine dust are produced which is difficult to extract. One solution is to attach a bend to the open end of a small extractor hose. Position the bend at waist height by attaching it to a belt or clip. Carving or sanding at waist height the majority of the dust is picked up directly over the work. This system also gives you the choice of standing or sitting, the extraction point is always in line with the work. Its also worth considering placing the small extractor in a ventilated, insulated cardboard box to reduce the noise level.